10 Ways Security Businesses Can Get More Love on Twitter

Does the idea of getting followers on Twitter overwhelm you? When you’re starting from scratch without any followers, it can seem like an uphill climb to social media success. But while building a Twitter following takes time, there are lots of ways for businesses to get more followers on Twitter:

Enable social sharing on your website.

Add social sharing buttons to your blog and regular website pages, so that visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are even services like Tweetmeme that allow you to add RT@YourUserName to the end of each tweet shared from your site; that’s a great tool to help you get more followers.

Share content that’s share-worthy.

By sharing high-quality content on Twitter that is interesting to the people you’re trying to attract, you’re more likely to get followers than if you simply make your Twitter all about promoting your business. Building a Twitter following is like a building a field of dreams. If you share it, they will come.

Ask your real friends to follow.

If you ask family and real-life friends to follow your business’s Twitter page, it will increase your follower count and make a better impression on the potential followers you want. Don’t forget about your employees; they have a vested interest in the success of your business, so ask them to follow as well.

Invite the people you want to follow you.

Your partners, vendors, clients and customers are all potential followers on Twitter. Send them a friendly invite via email to follow you. Make it as friendly and personalized as possible, while still remaining professional. And thank them in advance for following!

Pro Tip: People will follow those who are like-minded, and hashtags denote like-mindedness on Twitter. Just make sure the hashtags you use are representative of the impression you want others to have of your business.

Put a link in your email signature.

Adding links to your company’s Twitter page in your email signature is great for building a Twitter following. You can also create a signature template that includes these links for your employees and other colleagues in your business.

Link to Twitter in blog comments.

When you make a comment on another person or company’s blog post, make your username a hyperlink to your company’s Twitter page (rather than a link to your blog) until you get the minimum number of followers you want.

Cross promote on your other social media profiles.

Link to your Twitter profile on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and your YouTube channel. This works when applied diligently.

Make the most of your contact page.

Tap into your contact page’s true potential by linking to your Twitter profile on it. Remember: Social media is visible, so if customers reach out to you on Twitter rather than email, others will see it and may be inclined to follow.

Put your Twitter handle on business cards.

Yes, hand-held business cards still matter; they just need to be updated for the new media age. Do this by including your Twitter handle (your @___ address) on your business cards, and hand them out with newfound enthusiasm. It’s so crazy, it just may work.

Engage with others on Twitter.

Sometimes, getting more Twitter followers is as simple as engaging others on the platform. Talk to the people you want to follow you, and follow them back (the #FF or “Follow Fridays” trend is a great excuse to reach out to others in an unthreatening way because others are doing it too). While we’re on the subject of hashtags, businesses can use them. People will follow those who are like-minded, and hashtags denote like-mindedness on Twitter. Just make sure the hashtags you use are representative of the impression you want others to have of your business.

These are just some of the ways to get more followers on Twitter. Businesses can try them all, and then stick with the ones that work best for them once they establish a Twitter following they are happy with.

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