4 Components Of An SEO Campaign For Alarm Companies

Dreaming about success is great motivation, but being successful takes time, planning, and effort. Successful security industry marketing campaigns are a lot like that. The best ones take a lot of hand to plow kind of effort over a period of time to see the exciting point of growth and cultivation. Even before that though, it takes careful, systematic planning and a deep knowledge of the lay of the land.

Pro Tip: Many people think their goal is, naturally, make more money. But that is not a goal, but an outcome of a goal. It is like waking up and saying, “today I want to be rich.”


Jumping into a Security Marketing Campaign

Starting a marketing campaign is exciting. It is easy to get caught up in fabulous new ideas, seeing your brand highlighted in new ways, and seeing that positive ROI that grows your business.

But marketing success doesn’t just happen. A lot of work has to go into the planning long before the work of execution. Talented marketers know that the real value of marketing–the make or break of any strategy– comes from the work done behind the scenes during the planning stages.

Before SEO, There’s This

Before planning, execution, maintenance, and monitoring of a profitable SEO campaign, you need to know all of the interconnected components of the business and understand the competition before you can successfully achieve your SEO marketing goals. This is because effective SEO isn’t just content and optimization; it’s content and optimization that forms one, cohesive entity in the context of an ever-changing climate. To make it happen well, you have to create a sure foundation and address these three small but critical elements at the very minimum if you expect any kind of success.

What is Your Marketing Goal?

That sounds like a no-brainer. It’s not. Many people think their goal is, naturally, make more money. But that is not a goal, but an outcome of a goal. It is like waking up and saying, “today I want to be rich.” It is a hope, but not an actionable goal. A better way to identify a goal is to look at your desired outcome and ask what methods and actions will ultimately most effectively lead to that outcome. For example, will building brand recognition, increasing website traffic, or earning more conversions fit your growth plan, and in what order of importance? The more specifically you know, the better.

Do You Know Your Target Audience?

Knowing your target audience isn’t just about identifying what demographics are opting into your services. It is understanding them, their needs, and the factors that motivate interest. It is not enough to make a reasonable guess. You need to dig deep into market research and study objective data. Find out what really makes them tick, and I guarantee you the real reasons will revolutionize your marketing.

Know What Message Do You Want to Send

Marketing means getting your name out to the public, right? Well, partly so. It means getting who you are as a company out there. Before you begin a marketing campaign, know what message about yourself you want to send. Know what kind of thoughts and emotions you want your name to evoke. What kind of takeaways do you want them to gain from time spent with you through your marketing?

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