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How To Go Viral on Social Media: A Primer For Security Companies

Like the flu, viral messages spread without any effort. You just have to be unexpected, funny, witty, unusual, (UFWU) enough to capture the attention of people who have lots of friends and share UFWU things with each other.
April 28, 2017/by Jeanie Erwin

What Security Companies Can Learn From Donald Trump

Love him or hate him (there doesn't seem to be a happy medium), Donald Trump used his personal brand very effectively during his presidential campaign. Here's what security companies can learn from it.
April 19, 2017/by Jeanie Erwin

10 Ways Security Businesses Can Get More Love on Twitter

While building a Twitter following takes time, there are lots of ways for security businesses to get more followers on Twitter. Here's a quick top 10:
March 16, 2017/by Jeanie Erwin

5 Ways Security Companies Can Save Money On Business Travel

According to reports, companies spend nearly $112 billion per year in domestic travel. Meanwhile, their employees incur almost $1,000 worth of expenses on travel items and services. With this much money on the line, it is only wise to educate your employees and provide them with the tools needed to make savvy decisions.
November 21, 2016/by Brian Plant

Creating the Perfect Voicemail Greeting For Your Security Company

Taking time off? Before you leave for a few leisurely days of well deserved R&R, take a few minutes to review your voicemail greeting. It can make a big difference in giving the right first impression to your prospects and a professional image for your current subscribers.
September 1, 2016/by Jeanie Erwin

The ABC’s Of Google Analytics

We’ve put together a definitive A-Z glossary that will give you a quick reference guide to all of the terms you’ll see most often. If you need Google Analytics installed on your website, or would like a free website analysis, please contact us – we’re happy to help.
August 10, 2016/by Brian Plant

Why Call Tracking Matters To Your Security Business

If you aren’t using call tracking, you’re missing out on a wealth of data that can significantly improve your marketing efforts. By using call tracking metrics, you can compile important data about the phone leads you receive from the various marketing platforms utilized as part of your campaign.
June 17, 2016/by Brian Plant

How Customer Reviews Affect the Buying Cycle For Security Companies

A Harvard Business School study identified three stages in the buying cycle that are relevant to finding and reading online reviews. These are very relevant to security companies, so check it out!
April 30, 2016/by Jeanie Erwin

How To Turn Your Business Dreams Into Reality

How many people go through life wondering why things didn’t turn out for them like they thought it would when they were young? It’s possible most people have made some money, accomplished some things, but are not where they want to be in life. This is a common story. Is this you? When someone hears your name what is the first thought that comes to them? Are you satisfied being known for this?
March 9, 2016/by Brian Plant

Social Media: A Golden Opportunity For Security Companies

Among all the social media predictions for social media, experts agree on only one thing: it will evolve, and faster than anticipated. Are you ready to incorporate social media into your marketing plans? To help you evaluate its role in your organization, take a look at these trends and how you can capitalize on them.
October 7, 2015/by Brian Plant

Why Press Releases Are Important for Security Companies

Press releases have always been one of the most powerful but highly undervalued tools in the marketing tool kit. However, a recent change in Google’s algorithm has just given them even more value, and the results can be profound.
October 1, 2015/by Brian Plant

Become a Website Wiz in Just 12,489 Easy Lessons!

Let’s look beyond the pretty pictures, the fancy banners and the splashy design and get down to cases. What really matters on your website? It’s all the stuff that has nothing to do with computers, the Internet, or graphics. Here are three questions you need to ask first when you plan your website.
September 30, 2015/by Jeanie Erwin

3 Questions About Social Media For Your Security Business

The universal truth of social media is that it gives you the ability to build relationships with your customers and potential customers. It’s true whether you are selling high-end commercial and government security systems or home automation.
September 14, 2015/by Brian Plant