New! Sales Video Production & Marketing for Dealers & Integrators

Ignite Security Marketing is pleased to launch Ignite360 Video – a video production and video marketing service that solidifies your online presence while building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand while increasing your conversions!

Videos are now an expected component of any website, and the security industry is no different. But we don’t stop at just producing a professional video for your website, we’ll market your video too. Why? Because video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined, according to many authoritative sources like Diode Digital.

Promote Your Alarm Company with Custom Made Videos

First, we learn about your security business and what makes it special. Next, professional writers create a dynamic video script crafted with the tone and style that best suits your company. Our priority is to make a compelling video to help convert viewers into new customers or clients. Next, we’ll help you select the ideal on-screen or voice-over spokesperson to engage your customers. Finally, your HD video will be finished by our skilled editors blending powerful images, graphics, music & video designed to attract & engage new customers.

What Will The Video Look Like?

This is a new service, so we don’t have any security examples to show yet. But check out the example video below and come again back soon for updates!


Video attracts two to three times as many monthly visitors, doubles their time spent on the site and has a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines like Google.
Marketing Sherpa


Even an unpalatable service like SEPTIC SERVICE can be made to look AWESOME! 


Now For The Fun Part…Promoting Your Video!

Your new video will be promoted using Google TrueView Video Ads. You’ll get at least 1,000 unique video views guaranteed within the first month. Your video is distributed to the 50 most popular video sharing sites to help attract new customers.  While we’re busy marketing your new video we’ll help you easily place your video on your website, Facebook page and other social media… wherever you want.

What Does Video Production & Marketing Cost?

Ignite360 Video AND monthly video marketing are included for new clients on our Premium Marketing Plan! Video production includes: Script writing, professional spokesperson, licensed images, video & music, and unlimited edits until you’re 100% satisfied. Discounts on stand-alone video production and marketing are available to current clients as well.

People LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Contact us today to talk to an experienced Digital Strategist about a marketing plan that’s right for your alarm company.




How Security Companies Can Accelerate Sales With Automation

Sales reps for security & integration companies have a lot of tasks to juggle and entering data into a CRM is usually the second to last on the list of to-dos. The last on the list is usually creating tasks for follow up so that managers have visibility into sales pipelines.

With a growing audience and leads are pouring in, your sales team may be having a hard time keeping up. While it’s a great problem to have, you also don’t want to short-change the amount of follow-up and guidance your sales team is able to provide to interested prospects.

Thankfully, Ignite Security Marketing provides marketing automation and CRM tools & services that can help automate part of the sales process.

Our sales automation services allow your reps to spend more time with prospects who are ready to buy by freeing up the time previously spent chasing cold leads. Leads that aren’t ready to buy aren’t ignored – instead, they’re carefully nurtured.

Sales and marketing automation ensure that teams work together, and no leads or customers fall through the cracks.

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales automation sometimes shortened to SFA (sales force automation), is an integrated service that automates frequent sales processes and tasks such as tracking customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales performance and forecasts.

Sales force automation services provided by Ignite RMR come with a web accessible and mobile app database, an email application, tracking software, and sales email templates.

Some SFA features can include:

  • Salesperson tasks and goals tracking
  • Customer contact records
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Lead scoring and assignment
  • Workflow management

While previously you may have needed separate applications for sales automation and customer relationship management, Ignite RMR offers an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform that includes a variety of sales automation tools.

Getting Started With Sales Force Automation

Despite being supported by an inbound marketing team that specializes in the security industry, like most aspects of successful Sales and Marketing, you need to take a step back and ensure you have a solid plan for how you want to sales force automation to enable your business.

Ignite Security Marketing  automation services can enhance your strategies and bring greater efficiency and reliability to your sales teams execution, but you should be sure to know your sales process first.

The ultimate goal of sales force automation is to increase the productivity of your sales team and make sure no leads or customers fall through the cracks.


During our initial marketing assessments, we will help you answer questions like:

  • How will you want to automatically assign leads to your reps?  Round robin? Based on geography? etc.
  • What sales tasks do you want to create based on demonstrated prospect interest?  Send a follow-email? Alert a sales team member?
  • How would you like to increase (or decrease) lead scores based on initial interest from your prospects (website interactions, sales emails, etc.)?

Once you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, we can begin the process of setting up your sales force automations.

Setting Up Your Sales and Marketing Automations

For this example, let’s assume that you’d like to automate the sales process once a lead visits your website and signs up to receive additional information about your offerings.

What should the automated workflow (aka your “automation”) accomplish?

  • It should automatically send a thank you email, acknowledging the prospect’s form submission and interest
  • It should tag the lead with information about the submission (site page, demonstrated interest, etc.) within the CRM so that your sales team can easily segment this contact and understand where they come from
  • It should assign active leads to your sales rep for personal follow-up
  • It should send a follow-up email to the prospect and alert their assigned sales team member if a link is clicked
  • It should increase the lead’s score based on the email open and click activity

Now that we have laid out exactly what processes we want to be automated, it’s time to create our automation.

Creating the Automation

Using our marketing automation services, Ignite Security Marketing constructs actions and triggers to create a new sales force automation workflow. Here is an example of how this could be set this up in our system:


When a lead submits their information through a contact form, we apply a “requested more information” tag and send an email for more information. From here, the automation wait until a link is clicked in the email. If no link is clicked within 3 days, the automation will send a follow up email on day 4.

If the lead opens and clicks a link in the initial email, it will alert your sales team, increase the prospects lead score, and send a follow up email. From here, the sales team could make a determination of how hot the lead is and schedule additional follow-ups.

Now you have assurance that all of these “we should…” tactics in your plan will happen automatically.

Automation After the Sale

It’s easy to see how sales force automation benefits your team during initial sales stages, but what about the engagement and retention stages for new & existing customers/ subscribers?


Benefits of using sales force automation for customers:

Instead of having your sales team or customer success team create tasks to check in with customers, Ignite RMR will create a workflow via marketing automation that automatically does this for them.

One popular schedule includes creating automated check-ins at 30, 60, 90 days and beyond to make sure customers are happy and gather feedback. Much like during the initial sales process, automating these steps will help your sales team feel less overwhelmed while still keeping your customers happy.

Other ways to use automation after the initial sale

There are a variety of ways that clients of Ignite can use automation to increase the productivity of their sales force.

  • Use lead scoring to build a segment of purchasers who have bought more than one product or become repeat customers.
  • Send automated emails to customers to cross-sell and/or upsell them based on information in their CRM profile.
  • Use CRM tags to mark customers who have canceled or paused their account with your billing department. Send automated emails to these customers to ask them why they decided to cancel and what could your business do to improve for the future.

The ultimate goal of sales force automation is to increase the productivity of your sales team and make sure no leads or customers fall through the cracks.

About Us

Ignite Security Marketing is a leading provider of inbound marketing & sales force automation services for security companies nationwide. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and demo of our inbound marketing platform.


Why LinkedIN Matters For Integrators & Manufacturers

A mass affluent customer is exactly what it sounds like: a “massively” affluent consumer who patronizes your business. More specifically, this person has investable assets between $100,000 and $1 million – in other words, virtually unlimited money to spend. So, what is the key to getting the attention of this elusive consumer? Believe it or not, it is the same as any other prospect you are targeting online: social media.

But not just any social media channel. If you are serious about capturing the mass affluent market, then the primary social media platform you want to focus your efforts on is LinkedIn. That’s right; LinkedIn is good for much more than skimming the résumés of strangers! We don’t mean to minimize it; it is a very good recruiting tool to attract new talent you may want to hire.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn is also an effective marketing tool, particularly when it comes to targeting the coveted $100,000+ market. 


LinkedIn has actually said so itself. In its latest whitepaper, titled “Influencing the Mass Affluent,” the #1 social network for professionals focuses on how the financial sector can better reach mass affluent consumers. “Almost half (of the mass affluent) engage with financial institutions on social media (44%),” it says, “while one-third engage with content shared by financial institutions on social media (34%).” It makes sense for banks and lenders to live on LinkedIn – at least when they’re doing marketing.

Executive services

According to LinkedIn, the mass affluent use a range of social networks and tools. But, “for professional purposes, they most likely turn to LinkedIn,” the whitepaper says. With that in mind, high level service providers should target new customers on LinkedIn without hesitation. Why wouldn’t someone look for an attorney, insurance carrier or accountant on LinkedIn? It should be the first resource they look to.

Professional services

Even small business service providers can target the mass affluent audience. After all, don’t people of means need construction crews, landscapers and security system dealers? These are essential services. So if you want to reach the mass affluent audience, LinkedIn is a great place to do it. Start by requesting connections with all your local titans of industry. Just tell them you’re aiming to make some connections with local business leaders; there’s no need to tell them too much about yourself, because your LinkedIn page will speak for itself. Some of them are bound to accept your invite, and perhaps look to you when they need a service provider they can trust.

Don’t sell yourself short on LinkedIn; if your company has a LinkedIn page, use it to the fullest by aiming for mass affluent customers. And if you don’t yet have a LinkedIn presence for your security company, Ignite RMR can help you establish one. Contact us today.

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Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and sales force automation for the security industry. Since 2008, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and SMB’s around the nation.

The Impact of Customer Reviews for Security Companies

Have you ever thought about how powerful customer reviews really are?

According to a recent Harvard Business School study, both positive and negative reviews significantly impact the behavior of consumers. The Harvard researchers found that a 1-star increase in customer reviews (i.e., a 3-star rating increasing to a 4-star rating, or a 4-star to a 5-star increase) resulted in a 5-9% increase in revenue for a local business. Furthermore, another study by the e-Tailing Group found that 60-80% of potential customers search for and read online reviews prior to making a purchase decision.

Every Review Matters

That evidence strongly supports what marketing firms have been saying for years: 1.) There is power in online customer reviews, and 2.) There is a direct connection between those reviews and revenue generation. As you may or may not know by now, all customer reviews of your business that are written on a local review portal (Yelp, Google, Yahoo, etc.) will impact your star rating on that portal. Every positive review improves your star rating, and every negative review decreases your star rating – (and your search rankings too, but we’ll get to that later).

Pro Tip: Every review matters. 60-80% of potential customers search for and read online reviews prior to making a purchase decision.

That’s why every review must be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if there is “another side to the story” behind a customer’s negative review. Readers of the review don’t know your side of the story, and even if you leave a response that tells your account of the incident behind the complaint, your explanation may not be sufficient to change anyone’s mind. That’s why the occasional negative review, without more positive reviews to balance it out – is a big problem. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Accentuate the Positive

Proactive review generation is a way to get more positive reviews, so that the bad ones – while never erased completely – can be “buried” by an excess of positive, and the star rating can be preserved. This is the best way to make sure that serial complainers don’t hurt your business with their online reviews. Depending on the size of your business, getting more positive reviews can produce a return on investment of at least 300%. The bigger your business, the bigger the ROI; if you have an especially large business, the ROI from positive review generation can be up to 5,000%.

There are lots of internal ways to minimize your negative reviews online, including improving the quality of your customer service (the #1 complaint in online reviews is poor customer service). But if your negative reviews are minimal enough to confirm that they are a rare occurrence, you can bury them by generating more positive reviews. Remember, you can’t dismiss the occasional negative review – your star rating, which plays a key role in your revenue, depends on it.

As always, the challenge for busy alarm companies is time, and having the right tools to collect and manage online customer reviews.


We refer to this type of managed service as Reputation Marketing because, in our experience, quality and velocity of customers reviews can also have a direct impact on your local search rankings especially when it comes to reviews left by your customers on Google Plus.

Whether you are a local security dealer or regional integrator with office locations in multiple states, Ignite RMR has the tools to help you proactively collect, manage, monitor and market positive reviews online. Book a free demo today.

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Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and salesforce automation for the security industry. Since 2008, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and SMB’s around the nation.


What is Your Automated Phone System Really Telling Your Customers?

“Hello, you have reached We Don’t Care Much About You Security Systems. If you know your party’s extension, please dial it at this time. If you don’t know anyone at our company, then sit quietly while we run through a tedious list of departments you don’t want and one or two that you think might be right but you’re not sure. Or press the star key and the entire list will begin again from the beginning.”


Are you a company that has decided that the personal touch on the phone is a waste of time and personnel? Did you get drawn into one of those sales pitches about how effective a phone system like this is in managing your incoming calls?

Did you design the recording and responses for the system for the convenience of your customers and potential customers, or for your own convenience? Do you give directions based on the issues customers may be calling for or the names of your departments? How many times does a customer have to push a button and listen before getting to the right person?

“By the way, while you’re on hold you will get to listen to a long list of reasons why you should buy one of our security systems. You may be surprised to find out that we pride ourselves on our customer service. I was sure surprised when they had me record this long and involved process that any current or potential customers have to go through just to get to a real person.”

Is your hold message friendly but not too much like a sales pitch? Do you play sound from a radio station so that people have to listen to ads for other companies, possibly even for your competition? Does your music selection match the tastes of your target market? How long does the average customer end up on hold at your busiest times? Do they have the option of just leaving a message and having one of your people call back when it’s their turn to be helped?

“You may be tempted to dial 0 in the futile hope that you will reach an operator. Wrong. If you dial 0 I will just tell you I don’t recognize that response and start with the tedious list again, and again. There is actually no button that will get you to a real person. Eventually you will get tired and hang up, or I will get irritated with your attempts to circumvent me and hang up for you…and I really don’t appreciate that sort of language…”

If you have a phone system in place like this, do you have an escape clause that allows someone to access a real person if they prefer? Exactly how much time and automated conversation does it take to get to a real person? Have you considered offering the escape clause at the start of the recording rather than the end, so you don’t irritate customers who hate this sort of phone system?

“While you’re waiting, this might be a good time to go online and find out if there are any other security companies in your area that are more responsive…”

Is your so-called money-saving phone system costing you customers? If you set it up properly, it can be an asset, but a casual or unthinking design can cost much more than it saves. It’s probably worthwhile to talk to various customer groups about what they like or don’t like about this type of system, and pay attention to their frustrations when you design yours.

“Thank you so much for calling We Like to Pretend We Care About our Customers But We Really Don’t Security. Please call back any time. My recorded voice is available 24-7 for your convenience and ours.”


Ignite Security Marketing  is dedicated to providing inbound marketing exclusively for the security industry. We can help monitor inbound calls for your alarm company so you can refine your processes, increase sales, and improve customer service. Ask us how today: (877) 655-3779.

3 Things Alarm Companies Can Do to Improve Google Ranking Without Hiring An SEO Company

Can you imagine visiting Google’s Mountain View offices and submitting a request NOT to have your website show up on page 1? Or even indexed? Sounds silly, right? But if your website is not properly optimized…that’s exactly what you’re doing.

As a professional security SEO company, we have the experience and expertise to help your security business compete online. There are many different pieces to the SEO puzzle that must work together correctly in order for SEO to work properly and see results. In this post, we’ll give you 3 that you can do today that may help your website ranking and stop hiding from new business! Free of charge! You’re welcome 🙂

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Google Ranking Without Hiring An SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of making your website appear in competitive positions on Google, Yahoo! Bing. It’s no small task, especially considering that about 75% of what makes this happen is link building.

Commonly called “backlinks” because they are links from other websites that “link back” to yours, link building is one of the top activities that must be done correctly to accomplish competitive rankings in Google. The search engines evaluate two things when it comes to link building: The quantity of links, and the quality of the link.

Tip #1: Optimize Your Existing Backlinks

Most established security companies will have a lot of links from local and national directories that point back to their website. This is good because it gives you a head start on your backlinking activity. The link is there – now you have to optimize it. What do I mean by that?

Link quality has to do with not only the relevancy of the website that is linking back to yours, but whether or not that link is optimized properly. Here is an example…let’s say that your company, ABC Security Systems (if this is the name of your company I apologize) has a listing on the local Chamber of Commerce website. Most of the time, it will look something like this:

ABC Security Systems (this is a link to your website)
The Best There Is, and Also A Chamber Member for Over 70 Years.
(877) 65-3779

If you have a link like this in an online directory, the actual coded link probably looks like this:“>ABC Security Systems

Actually, it SHOULD be coded like this:” title=”dallas-home-security-systems”>ABC Security Systems (just an example – if you’re not located in Dallas, don’t use this).

Notice the difference. In the second example, the link is “hard coded” with the name of a major city and a highly searched on keyword. Why does this matter? Because not only does Google count the number of links coming to your website but it also reads what that link says about your website. Given enough of these types of back links over time from quality websites, you should start to see ranking improvement for the phrase you are targeting.  

Tip#2: Optimize Your Title Tag

The optimization that you do to your website is important but only counts for about 25% of the whole picture. The Title tag of your website represents about half the total importance of onsite optimization. You need to modify this tag because like the headline of a newspaper, this tag tells the search engine what your page is all about. It’s easy to do.

Step #1:

If you have access to your website, go into the code (or ask your CIO or web guy to do this) and find the Title tag. It should be at the very top of the page, and look like this: <title> </title>.

Step #2:

In between that tag, place the keywords that are relevant to your security business. Something like this is a great start: <title>San Diego Home Security Systems, San Diego Business Security Systems</title>

Note: if you don’t do business in San Diego, don’t put San Diego here.

That’s it. Easy right? You just took a big step that 80% of your competitors probably don’t know about. Now, lastly…

Tip #3: Optimize Your META Data

Although it might sound like a phrase from a sci-fi movie (a really old sci-fi movie), META data is the code inside of your page that search engines read that help to describe your page in a little more detail. It consists of the Keyword tag and the Description tag. Although search engines don’t give much weight to this information anymore, it’s still important to get right. Especially because the Description tag is what shows up under the Title of the search results. This information helps people to see what your website is about before clicking on it.

Here’s how to do it:

Open up your website code by repeating steps 1 and 2 above. Enter keywords and a relevant description for your business. Keep it short. 35 characters or less is best.

The Description Tag: <meta name=”description” content=”City name’s leading choice in home security systems. Protect your home with cutting edge home security systems and home alarm systems from ABC Security Systems.” />

And there you have it. 3 easy steps that you can take right now to improve your website in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that – but the steps described here are a great start.

About Us

Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and salesforce automation for the security industry. Since 2008, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and SMB’s around the nation.


Don’t Wait for Customer Reviews: Seek them Out

Should you wait for customers to write reviews of your business? No, not necessarily. Here’s why we don’t advocate being passive about customer reviews.

Customers Are Busy

Like anything in business, positive customer reviews aren’t going to come to you automatically; many times, you have to pursue them or even ask for them. It is a much better idea to proactively seek out positive customer reviews, rather than hoping for any customer reviews at all. According to leading online review authorities, waiting for reviews is more likely to result in a high volume of negative reviews coming your way, rather than positive.

Pro Tip: When you seek out reviews from happy customers, they create a domino effect that encourages others to chime in as well. When this happens, your star-based review score can increase by a full one to two points.


The Squeaky Wheel Is The Loudest

And although positive reviews continue to have the greatest impact on purchase decisions, negative reviews are becoming more important. Naturally, this translates into a dip in sales and a damaged reputation. In fact, a Cone Communications survey found that the impact of negative online reviews jumps by a full 12% with each passing year.

The Silent Majority Is What Matters

On the flip side, seeking out positive customer reviews is more likely to help a brand’s “silent happy majority” of customers leave a positive review online. When you seek out reviews from happy customers, they create a domino effect that encourages others to chime in as well. When this happens, your star-based review score can increase by a full one to two points. Ideally, you could watch your star jump from a three to a five in a matter of days.

If you simply wait for customers to give you a glowing review, you will be waiting a long time – and while you’re waiting, the small but vocal minority of your dissatisfied customers will be posting their negative reviews. Don’t let them impact your business this way; instead, seek out positive reviews from your scores of highly satisfied customers. How do you do it? Come back next week to find out!

Ignite RMR can assist your business with collecting, managing and publishing your customer reviews online. Book a demo today to learn more!

About Us

Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and salesforce automation for the security industry. Since 2009, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and SMB’s around the nation.



A New, Powerful Advantage: Marketing & Sales Automation for Security Dealers and Systems Integrators

One of the many inbound lead generation methods available to our clients this year is marketing and sales automation. In this multi part series, we’ll be discussing some of the specific marketing automation strategies that we are implementing to empower your sales team to close more sales and shorten the sales cycle. In this post, we’ll be talking about a powerful application of marketing automation: site tracking.

What Is Site Tracking?

Site Tracking ties your contact’s behavior on your website so our marketing and your sales processes can react and adapt in real-time to the behavior of individual contacts.

The purpose of site tracking with marketing automation is simple: Get the right message to the right contact at the right time.

We begin by collecting page view data on each visitor to your website. This data is anonymous (and inaccessible) until a visitor is identified by opting-in to your list, then all page views that have been collected up to that point are automatically attached to their contact record and subsequent page views are tracked and reported in real-time.

With a time stamped history of each web page a contact visited on your site, you’ll know:

– when they visited

– how many times

– the paths they’ve taken

Each of your contacts becomes a rich case study when Site Tracking page view data is combined with all the other data that our marketing automation platform provides — Location History, Event Tracking, Activities History, the contact’s social network profiles, and any tags or notes you’ve applied.

Isn’t this the same as Google Analytics?

Google Analytics and similar services report statistics on anonymous groups of visitors while Site Tracking with Ignite RMR lets you see exactly what a specific contact has (or hasn’t) done on your website. Statistics are a great way to identify trends in large volumes of data, and are popular for good reasons, but individual case studies are an underrated resource for creating detailed profiles, forming hypotheses, and examining exceptions to rules. The two approaches to data analysis complement each other giving you a more complete picture of who your target market is and how people are interacting with your website.

Know exactly what your contacts want from you.

You can make two extremely valuable assumptions about a contact based on their page views:

1.) What they are interested in

The links a contact chooses to click tell you what they are looking for and what content on your website is most important to them.

2.) The amount of interest they have

Repeat page views and, especially, repeat visits to pages indicate increased interest in that content. Someone who has viewed a product page five times during three visits to your site is probably more interested than someone who has viewed it once.

It is good “to know,” better “to do…”

Beyond just “good to know,” this data is actionable. Site Tracking becomes even more useful when this behavioral data is used to trigger Automations. Our marketing automation platform can “see” what a visitor is doing and perform actions based on that behavior opening up all kinds of possibilities for marketing automation and creating a truly personalized experience.

Site Tracking Applications for New Prospects

Here are a few things that we can do to generate new leads with site tracking:  

  • Email a discount code to a contact who has visited a product page two or more times.
  • Check in with a contact who has viewed a product six times (but not yet purchased) to find out if they have any questions or issues — helping you identify barriers to purchase while providing excellent service.
  • Increase a lead’s score 1 point for each page view and 2 points per visit. When their score reaches 20 points, Ignite RMR creates and assigns a task to notify your salesperson it would be a good time to give the contact a call.
  • Send a contact a personalized “thank you” note two hours after they reach the confirmation page of your website’s “tell-a-friend” feature.
  • If someone is referred to your site from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you could begin an automation that invites them to follow you on your social media accounts.
  • Tag visitors to a specific web page detailing a free webinar you are holding and then begin a sequence of follow-up emails to give them more information as it draws nearer, remind them when it is live, and ask for feedback when it is over. By redirecting attendees to the webinar through a page on your site you can tag them as such (you could also apply this tag using “Clicks a link in email”).


Site Tracking For Your Existing Subscribers

Your existing customers are just as important as new leads. Ignite RMR can:

  • Send a contact a short “Do you have any questions/How can I help you?” message if they repeatedly visit your FAQ and product documentation pages after a purchase.
  • Trigger a “new customer” Automation following a purchase that increases customer satisfaction by delivering a timed sequence of messages including product-use tips, asks for a review of the product after they’ve had it a week, gives them a discount toward future purchases, and suggests other products they may be interested in.

Give your contacts more of what they want.

In addition to reacting to what is happening on your website in real-time, we can use your contact’s page view history to further segment your lists. For instance, you might have a sale on a product that would not appeal to everyone on your list. With Site Tracking data you can send an email to only those contacts that have viewed the product (or that category of product). Or, you could send additional content on the same topic a visitor has indicated interest in while browsing your site.

This kind of segmentation helps keep your list as responsive as possible and contributes to a strong, positive relationship.

Your contacts will come to expect that a message from your company will contain relevant content that appeals to them — increasing your open and interaction rates while reducing unsubscribes.

Putting it to use…

One useful application of Site Tracking data is an Automation that tags your contacts if they view important pages of your website multiple times.

For example, we can apply different tags based on the number of visits. If a contact visits a page about smart home lighting two to five times we could tag them as “Interested in Smart Lighting.” If they go on to visit six or more times we could remove that tag and retag them as “Very Interested in Smart Lighting.”

We can then use these tags to:

  1. Send precisely targeted messages about Smart Lighting and Z-Wave related products.

When sending out campaigns we send messages to only those contacts who are tagged as interested in those products.

  1. Customize emails with Conditional Content

We can tailor a message to display the products they find most appealing. For instance, if you are having a promotional sales we could mention specific products they’ve demonstrated interest in:

“We are having a 20% off sale this month. This is your chance to save on Smart Home services like:”

– “Smart Lighting”

– “Smart Thermostats”

– “Smart Locks”

  1. Gain additional analytical insights

By running reports on contacts with these tags you can know which products each of your lists is most interested in. These numbers will be different than those of your analytics service (unless you’ve configured your analytics to segment based on your lists of subscribers) which will report page view numbers biased by which products are doing well in the search engines, or linked to most often, and so will not necessarily reflect the interests of your contacts.

  1. Begin other automations

By using “Tag is added” as the trigger to begin a new automation, we can pick up where this one leaves off. We could begin a series of follow-up messages that treats the contact slightly different depending on how they are tagged or move the contact into another one of your sales processes.

Marketing & sales automation is complicated art and science. Our expert team here at Ignite RMR have invested hundreds of hours of research, training, and client implementation to make this new technology work for our clients: security dealers and systems integrators. For a free demo and consultation, please contact us today. We’ll discuss your growth goals and how our marketing automation strategies can help your sales team thrive in 2017.

Beat The Internet Trolls: How Security Companies Can Respond To Negative Reviews

Perhaps one of the most overstated truths about customer reviews is that they all have to be positive. You want the majority of reviews to be good, because the ratio of good-to-bad reviews is what dictates your star score – and remember, there is a direct link to your star score and sales revenues. But rest assured, the occasional negative review of your security business is nothing to panic about. In fact, most customer review services will contend that consumers trust reviews more when they see several positive reviews alongside a few negative ones.

If you have nothing but glowing reviews for your business, today’s consumers are savvy enough to know that those good reviews could be “planted” (meaning, you are using employees and family members to write them – or worse yet, paying a review writing service to create them). You don’t need to use these “black hat review” practices because it’s normal and expected to see a review from a disgruntled customer from time to time. So, here’s how to handle it when it happens:


Your punctual, personalized response – one that addresses the specific details of the complaint – shows the entire audience that your business cares about its customers and wants to fix any problems that may occur.

When you respond to the customer who wrote the negative review, you are also speaking to the hundreds of people who will see that review in the future.


As compensation for the customer’s bad experience, you can offer them something of value: a free product, a free a month of monitoring services or even a free upgrade. Whatever you are able to reasonably offer, offer it to show your commitment to remedying the situation. Often, a gesture like that can soften the customer enough to give you a second chance.


If there is one time when gathering more positive reviews is essential, it’s right after you receive a bad one. You want the good reviews to sit right on top of the bad, so they are the first reviews searchers will see. Keeping the good reviews coming in will also ensure that your average star score stays high, despite one or two bad reviews.

Pro tip: most customer review services will contend that consumers trust reviews more when they see several positive reviews alongside a few negative ones.


These are the actions to take when you get a bad customer review online. Ignite RMR offers a review generation service that helps you get the good reviews you want from your real customers, on an ongoing basis so that your star score stays high and the revenues keep pouring in.


Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and salesforce automation for the security industry. Since 2009, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and SMB’s around the nation.

Lead Tracking & Management For Dealers & Integrators

It’s easy to receive web form submissions from your website and it’s also relatively painless to track each submission as a conversion goal in Google Analytics. However, Ignite RMR lead tracking makes tracking form submissions in Google Analytics even simpler.

What’s missing in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, you do not have the ability to tie individual leads into all your other data, which includes tracing the users contact information back to the original marketing source. When evaluating marketing campaigns, it is pertinent you know where specific leads came from, be it a marketing source or campaign. Ultimately, tracking conversion goals in Google Analytics doesn’t tell you if the leads were good or bad. If you want to track a specific lead with full details back to its source, Google Analytics is not the answer.

Google Analytics Goals

Ignite RMR provides this functionality for our clients and makes it easier to setup goal conversions by allowing you to see leads with their full details through one click.

Why is this important?

Ignite RMR clients are using our solution to make better marketing decisions. We are now able to run campaigns with the ability to evaluate leads from each campaign effortlessly, with complete lead history from testing different Google AdWords campaigns or two competing magazine websites. Now, you can track all phone calls, web forms and chats back to the source, campaign, and keyword.

In Google Analytics, you do not have the ability to tie individual leads into all your other data, which includes tracing the users contact information back to the original marketing source.

Ignite RMR Lead Tracking allows you to explore campaigns that generate a lot of leads more in-depth, even figuring out that half those leads were solicitations. On the other hand, you can also determine that a campaign that generated only a few leads was worth it because those leads represented substantial value. Previously, this kind of insight was hidden or required expensive marketing software.


Leads by Source

Notice forms and phone calls next to marketing source. Showing both calls and forms together is key to marketing reporting. With one click, you can see a list of leads from each marketing source, which is invaluable when evaluating campaigns.

Leads by Keyword

With this report, you can see exactly what leads were generated by keyword and campaign. This takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads by keyword and campaign.


Use Cases

Evaluating Google AdWords Campaigns

A client wanted to evaluate the quality of leads generated through targeted keywords vs. more broad industry terms.

The Goal:

Determine if the targeted or broad terms generated the most value, not just number of leads.

They had a feeling that the broad campaign was not delivering as many qualified leads as the targeted campaign.

The Result:

After a month, both campaigns were generating roughly 40 to 50 leads each.

Using Ignite RMR to track form submission quality, they were able to determine:

  1. Only 30% of the broad term campaigns were leads they ended up quoting.
  2. 75% of the targeted term campaigns were leads they ended up quoting.
  3. The budget for the broad campaign was higher, due to higher traffic and cost per click.

After seeing that the broad campaign cost more and delivered fewer quality leads, they were able to optimize their Google AdWords spend better to generate additional qualified leads.

Without Ignite RMR Lead Management software, all they had was the number of leads per campaign. Now they could evaluate each lead, which allowed them to make more data-driven decisions.

Evaluating Magazine Campaigns

The first magazine was well established, well known and their move into the digital publication had gone very well. The second magazine site, started as a digital publication, a relatively new kid on the block with impressive analytics.

The Goal:

Determine if these campaigns would generate enough qualified leads to warrant the ad spend.

It had been rumored that advertising with the established magazine, increased solicitations from companies targeting advertisers.

The Result:

After a month, both sites has generated 12 leads each. Which one generated the best, most targeted leads.

Ignite RMR tracked the form submissions. We were able to:

  1. View form submission by source and campaign.
  2. Qualify and quantify the lead individually.
  3. Generate reports by campaign for total leads, quotable leads and quote value.

The results were interesting.

  • Magazine A – The established magazine did generate solicitation, 6 of the leads were classified as solicitations. 3 of the leads were broad or low probablitiy leads and the remaining 3 leads were what the company considered quotable leads.
  • Magazine B – 6 of the leads were considered bad but the remaining 6 were quotable.

We went on to test a 3rd magazine to find that only 1 in 10 would be considered marginally quotable. This customer continues to advertise with A and B, as they have been able to track specific leads and now sales to a good ROI. Magazine C has been cancelled

Without Ignite RMR Lead Management, all the client had was the number of leads generated from each magazine. Using our lead management platform, we could evaluate each lead, which made evaluating the campaigns much easier.

Are you confused about which campaigns are generating quality, quotable leads that actually result in revenue and more RMR? Contact us today for a free demo. We’ve been helping dealers and integrators of all sizes succeed since 2008.

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Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and sales force automation for the security industry. Since 2008, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and small to medium security companies around the nation. Contact us today to discuss your inbound marketing requirements.