Is Your Security Website Like The Walking Dead?

We’re kicking off the first week of October and if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead like me, you know what that means: Season 9 premiere on Sunday! I’ve been both horrified and addicted to this gruesome flick since catching the first episode on Netflix a few years ago.

At the end of every season I am disgusted, angry, and I swear that I will not tune in to the next one.

But – like Al Pacino in Godfather 3, every October it pulls…me…back… in!

Does anybody else out there think that there’s any hope for these poor souls? Doubt it. BUT…

How Does This Relate To Web Design for Your Security Company?

Just like Zombies (or Walkers, Biters, whatever your flavor is) who were once normal healthy people, your security website was once a shiny happy place where visitors got the info they needed and picked up the phone to call your business. But alas, it may have since fallen prey to the winds of time and is now winding aimlessly through the post-apocalyptic land of the walking dead – websites, that is. How to tell?

Here are 3 signs that your website has become a zombie:

Bad Communication

Try as it might, your website can’t seem to communicate the value of your business. It tries to talk about the value of home automation or structured cabling but the message is just scrambled and unfocused. All that spews out is garbled grunts, hisses and animated GIF’s, scaring people away at first glance.

It Has An Insatiable Appetite…

…For money. The kind you throw away, that is. Paying a “webmaster” for simple updates because it’s simply too complicated to manage yourself. “Custom” websites that are complex require an experienced, mostly overpriced programmer who will always be needed to add text, video, or new pages to your website – making it a hungry beast that will never be an asset to your business.

It Really Is Infected.

Gone are the days of hackers only targeting the ADT’s of the world. Now, every website big and small is a potential carrier of viruses and other malware which can spread to your customers’ devices and even infect other connected networks. Horrifying code, outdated software and little to no security protocols can turn your innocent website into a monster which will send your potential customers screaming to your competitors.

Is It Time For The Kill Shot? Draw The Colt Python.


At Ignite RMR, we build websites that are timeless and will grow with your business. They are well designed, ridiculously easy to update, and leverage the best security on the planet to protect from a zombie attack.

If talking with high priced agencies has had you running for the nearest abandoned prison for shelter, contact us. We’re an experienced partner to dozens of industry brands you know and respect. Our pricing is publicly listed, transparent and flexible.

And…We carry a mean Colt Python to (figuratively) dispatch those nasty outdated security websites with ease.

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