After 10 Years of Security Marketing, You Could Say We’ve Got This Down To A Science.

Our clients choose Ignite because we’re experts in marketing for the security industry. We don’t need any hand holding in order to get it right the first time. That’s a big plus for busy business owners who just need a marketing partner to get the job done with minimal oversight. Here’s what we do to generate new leads for your security business:

Social Media
Review Marketing
Landing Pages
Email Marketing
Sales Automation
Print Marketing
Blog Writing

What You Get With

Website Development

  • Professionally Designed

  • Easy Web Editor

  • Integrated Marketing Tools

  • Social Media Designs

  • Email Marketing Template

  • Web Editor Training

What You Would Pay

To Hire 4 Marketing Employees To Work At Your Company…

Within the security industry, it’s been proven that a qualified marketing team can deliver ROI of upwards of 400% and more. However, when you consider the creation costs to generate RMR, “in-house” employees can quickly eat up your profits in high salaries, HR costs, training, medical, payroll tax, etc.


Average cost to hire 4 Marketing Employees. Not Including HR Costs.


  • Digital Marketing Manager

    $64,000 / yr.

  • Senior Web Developer

    $87,000 / yr.

  • Content Writer

    $47,000 / yr.

  • Graphic Designer

    $42,000 / yr.