Why LinkedIN Matters For Integrators & Manufacturers

A mass affluent customer is exactly what it sounds like: a “massively” affluent consumer who patronizes your business. More specifically, this person has investable assets between $100,000 and $1 million – in other words, virtually unlimited money to spend. So, what is the key to getting the attention of this elusive consumer? Believe it or not, it is the same as any other prospect you are targeting online: social media.

But not just any social media channel. If you are serious about capturing the mass affluent market, then the primary social media platform you want to focus your efforts on is LinkedIn. That’s right; LinkedIn is good for much more than skimming the résumés of strangers! We don’t mean to minimize it; it is a very good recruiting tool to attract new talent you may want to hire.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn is also an effective marketing tool, particularly when it comes to targeting the coveted $100,000+ market. 


LinkedIn has actually said so itself. In its latest whitepaper, titled “Influencing the Mass Affluent,” the #1 social network for professionals focuses on how the financial sector can better reach mass affluent consumers. “Almost half (of the mass affluent) engage with financial institutions on social media (44%),” it says, “while one-third engage with content shared by financial institutions on social media (34%).” It makes sense for banks and lenders to live on LinkedIn – at least when they’re doing marketing.

Executive services

According to LinkedIn, the mass affluent use a range of social networks and tools. But, “for professional purposes, they most likely turn to LinkedIn,” the whitepaper says. With that in mind, high level service providers should target new customers on LinkedIn without hesitation. Why wouldn’t someone look for an attorney, insurance carrier or accountant on LinkedIn? It should be the first resource they look to.

Professional services

Even small business service providers can target the mass affluent audience. After all, don’t people of means need construction crews, landscapers and security system dealers? These are essential services. So if you want to reach the mass affluent audience, LinkedIn is a great place to do it. Start by requesting connections with all your local titans of industry. Just tell them you’re aiming to make some connections with local business leaders; there’s no need to tell them too much about yourself, because your LinkedIn page will speak for itself. Some of them are bound to accept your invite, and perhaps look to you when they need a service provider they can trust.

Don’t sell yourself short on LinkedIn; if your company has a LinkedIn page, use it to the fullest by aiming for mass affluent customers. And if you don’t yet have a LinkedIn presence for your security company, Ignite RMR can help you establish one. Contact us today.

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