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It’s easy to receive web form submissions from your website and it’s also relatively painless to track each submission as a conversion goal in Google Analytics. However, Ignite RMR lead tracking makes tracking form submissions in Google Analytics even simpler.

What’s missing in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, you do not have the ability to tie individual leads into all your other data, which includes tracing the users contact information back to the original marketing source. When evaluating marketing campaigns, it is pertinent you know where specific leads came from, be it a marketing source or campaign. Ultimately, tracking conversion goals in Google Analytics doesn’t tell you if the leads were good or bad. If you want to track a specific lead with full details back to its source, Google Analytics is not the answer.

Google Analytics Goals

Ignite RMR provides this functionality for our clients and makes it easier to setup goal conversions by allowing you to see leads with their full details through one click.

Why is this important?

Ignite RMR clients are using our solution to make better marketing decisions. We are now able to run campaigns with the ability to evaluate leads from each campaign effortlessly, with complete lead history from testing different Google AdWords campaigns or two competing magazine websites. Now, you can track all phone calls, web forms and chats back to the source, campaign, and keyword.

In Google Analytics, you do not have the ability to tie individual leads into all your other data, which includes tracing the users contact information back to the original marketing source.

Ignite RMR Lead Tracking allows you to explore campaigns that generate a lot of leads more in-depth, even figuring out that half those leads were solicitations. On the other hand, you can also determine that a campaign that generated only a few leads was worth it because those leads represented substantial value. Previously, this kind of insight was hidden or required expensive marketing software.


Leads by Source

Notice forms and phone calls next to marketing source. Showing both calls and forms together is key to marketing reporting. With one click, you can see a list of leads from each marketing source, which is invaluable when evaluating campaigns.

Leads by Keyword

With this report, you can see exactly what leads were generated by keyword and campaign. This takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads by keyword and campaign.


Use Cases

Evaluating Google AdWords Campaigns

A client wanted to evaluate the quality of leads generated through targeted keywords vs. more broad industry terms.

The Goal:

Determine if the targeted or broad terms generated the most value, not just number of leads.

They had a feeling that the broad campaign was not delivering as many qualified leads as the targeted campaign.

The Result:

After a month, both campaigns were generating roughly 40 to 50 leads each.

Using Ignite RMR to track form submission quality, they were able to determine:

  1. Only 30% of the broad term campaigns were leads they ended up quoting.
  2. 75% of the targeted term campaigns were leads they ended up quoting.
  3. The budget for the broad campaign was higher, due to higher traffic and cost per click.

After seeing that the broad campaign cost more and delivered fewer quality leads, they were able to optimize their Google AdWords spend better to generate additional qualified leads.

Without Ignite RMR Lead Management software, all they had was the number of leads per campaign. Now they could evaluate each lead, which allowed them to make more data-driven decisions.

Evaluating Magazine Campaigns

The first magazine was well established, well known and their move into the digital publication had gone very well. The second magazine site, started as a digital publication, a relatively new kid on the block with impressive analytics.

The Goal:

Determine if these campaigns would generate enough qualified leads to warrant the ad spend.

It had been rumored that advertising with the established magazine, increased solicitations from companies targeting advertisers.

The Result:

After a month, both sites has generated 12 leads each. Which one generated the best, most targeted leads.

Ignite RMR tracked the form submissions. We were able to:

  1. View form submission by source and campaign.
  2. Qualify and quantify the lead individually.
  3. Generate reports by campaign for total leads, quotable leads and quote value.

The results were interesting.

  • Magazine A – The established magazine did generate solicitation, 6 of the leads were classified as solicitations. 3 of the leads were broad or low probablitiy leads and the remaining 3 leads were what the company considered quotable leads.
  • Magazine B – 6 of the leads were considered bad but the remaining 6 were quotable.

We went on to test a 3rd magazine to find that only 1 in 10 would be considered marginally quotable. This customer continues to advertise with A and B, as they have been able to track specific leads and now sales to a good ROI. Magazine C has been cancelled

Without Ignite RMR Lead Management, all the client had was the number of leads generated from each magazine. Using our lead management platform, we could evaluate each lead, which made evaluating the campaigns much easier.

Are you confused about which campaigns are generating quality, quotable leads that actually result in revenue and more RMR? Contact us today for a free demo. We’ve been helping dealers and integrators of all sizes succeed since 2008.

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