2017 Sammy Take-Aways: Growth Strategies From The Big Boys

Security Sales & Integration recently published mini case studies of the 2017 Sammy winners and how they snagged the coveted award in categories like website design, social media marketing, email marketing, and print design.

We’d like to give accolades to the companies mentioned below for a well planned and executed marketing strategy. These case studies prove 2 things:

  1. Digital Marketing works – it grows and stabilizes RMR.
  2. All you need is a knowledgeable resource with the right tools.

Digital and inbound marketing is no easy task and requires some level of time and talent commitment not only from the marketing team, but from the sales team, administrative staff and executive leadership. Coordinating these departments to achieve any goal is no small challenge, and product marketing to prospects and customers is no different.

But, what if you’re not an SDM 100 company? What if you don’t have deep pockets, the knowledge, or even a part-time intern to oversee even the smallest outreach campaign?

In this post, we’ll explore not only what these winners did right, but how your local security company – an SMB – can compete with the “big boys” with the help of a strategic inbound marketing team…for less than the cost of 1 employee.

Social Media Marketing: Bates Security

Facebook is not just for cat posters and success platitudes. According to SSI, alarm companies like Bates Security are generating 92% of its website visits from social media marketing. How did they do it?

Case Study: Sammy Award Winner For Best Social Media Campaign

From everyday blog posts syndication, to live tweeting at special events, Bates Security spends the equivalent of a part time employee’s hours per week on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Take Aways:

  1. They have 1-2 social managers (full time / part time) and the occasional guest post from local experts.
  2. They use the 80-20 rule: 20% focus on products / services and 80% focus on company photos, community service and promotional events.
  3. They use multiple social channels.
  4. They bring in local guests to post or tweet, retweet, or guest blog on their website.
  5. They share / retweet local information relevant to residential and commercial subscribers.

How We Can Help You Compete:

Ignite RMR offers a dedicated team of social media experts who will work on your social media campaign. Our software platform is second to none, and we’ll keep all stakeholders in the loop from strategic planning to tactical execution.

From AHJ regulations and changes to local ordinances that affect your commercial subscribers and prospects to life safety tips for homeowners, our team has the experience needed to execute an effective social media outreach, for less than the cost of 1 full time employee.

Website Design: Select Security

Websites are no longer a simple online brochure. They can be a lead generating sales machine that offers real value for prospects as well as subscribers.

Case Study: Sammy Award Winner For Best Website Design

“Each visitor is greeted with an offer (which we control and can change as needed) and an information collection form that instantly transfers the lead to our ‘leads team,” – Joseph Mitton, director of marketing and communications.

Select Security went big on a new website, and the result has been an interactive experience that generates new leads for the residential and commercial division. They also paid special attention to the resources for existing customers – making it easy for existing subscribers to get the information they need including manuals / videos, a company blog and consumer logins to manage account data.

Take Aways:

  1. Make it easy for visitors to find the information that they need.
  2. Write content and structure the website assuming that you are speaking to prospects – as well as existing customers who are ready to upgrade.
  3. Include a robust Help section. Your existing customers will look for this when they visit the new website.
  4. Make it interactive. From rollover images and exclusive, personalized product offers, your website should be a unique experience for every visitor, both residential and commercial.

Pro Tip: Write content and structure the website assuming that you are speaking to prospects – as well as existing customers who are ready to upgrade.

How We Can Help You Compete:

The creative and marketing teams at Ignite RMR have been developing security websites for nearly a decade. When it’s time for a redesign, many of the industry leaders look to our portfolio of SDM 100 and SMB security websites that we’ve developed for guidance. We use open source software (often WordPress) that is easy to use, navigate and maintain and can make your website shine for a fraction of the cost that you’ll find elsewhere.

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Email Marketing: Vector Security

According to industry experts, email marketing is still the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent. Good thing we offer it as part of our marketing plan for security companies.

Case Study: Sammy Award Winner For Best Short Form Email Newsletter

Vector Security introduced its Home Security Blog e-Newsletter in March 2016 with the intent to expand readership of its Home Security Blog, which opens a dialogue with customers about advances in security and home automation technologies. The newsletter spotlights, as the main article, a blog post from earlier in the week. Beneath that article, there are links to two additional items that contain related content.

“The newsletter is distributed on Thursdays, and there have been times when those inbound readers have accounted for as high as 43.5% of our total web traffic in a day,” says Art Miller, Vector’s vice president of marketing. “Since the introduction of the newsletter, Thursdays are now our biggest web traffic day of the week.”

That spike in readership has also improved the company’s search engine optimization (SEO) traffic to those blog articles, plus Vector began to see the installments shared across social media and other content sharing services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and others.

Pro Tip: Consistency is key. Sending emails as often as once a week is ok as long as the content is of good quality, and relevant. Sending on the same time and day impoves deliverabilty, open & click through rates.

Take Aways:

  1. Segmentation is key. Even if your CRM doesn’t give you insight into what products your customers bought, that’s OK. Send a generic newsletter to start, with a specific focus and the readership will segment themselves.
  2. If “Content Is King” then Consistency is Queen. Sending emails as often as once a week is ok as long as the content is of good quality, and relevant.
  3. Velocity (sending frequency) improves traffic, and social sharing.
  4. Keep it simple. Keep the focus of the email short and to the point to improve the number of people who will click your links. Rather than include an entire blog article in the email, include a snippet with a link to the blog.

How We Can Help You Compete:

Advances in technology have made email marketing simple to do for almost anyone with a 6th grade education. However, it takes a skilled content writer, designer and marketing strategist to see real ROI from your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing, and advanced sales & marketing automation is an area that our team specializes in. Our clients enjoy above average click through rates because we understand which types of industry content that people are interested in – resulting in higher than average ROI than security companies who try to do this themselves.

What Makes Us Different From The Other 99%?

Since 2008, we’ve been designing websites and marketing campaigns that generate more RMR for security companies than local web firms with no experience with industry technology. From the connected home to cloud video and everything in between, our team can talk shop not just with you, but with your prospects and customers via your content marketing.

Contact us today to see how Ignite Security Marketing can help your security company compete with the big companies at an affordable price – and maybe even pick up a Sammy along the way.