Twitter Goes Back to the Drawing Board on Design. Here’s What Security Companies Need to Know.

Twitter’s been on a roll this summer. First, the microblogging social network took a stance against spam, locking millions of fraudulent accounts and accurately adjusting follower accounts; now, Twitter teased a complete redesign of its social network. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Twitter announced its new design earlier this month, highlighting a completely reworked desktop experience with a minimalistic design. Even cooler, the redesign brings a few mobile features to the web like Bookmarks and Explore. Here’s how it affects your electronic security company, so you can tweak your Twitter marketing strategy.

The new design is very minimalistic

First thing’s first: let’s take a look at Twitter’s awesome new design. The official Twitter account tweeted the above video of its new timeline design. As you can see, the “who to follow” and “trending now” modules have been moved from the left-hand side of the screen to the right, and some of the basic stylings of the timeline has been cleaned up and reworked.

Additionally, the top navigation bar was given a new set of icons. This bar nearly matches the bottom bar on the Twitter mobile app, only adding a search bar. Additionally, when you click on your profile photo, you’ll notice the drop-down menu has three new options: bookmarks, night mode, and data saver mode. More on those later.

Business Insider also notes that the new Twitter app is a Progressive Web App. This is a new standard on how to build web apps in the browser, and lets apps take advantage of a few awesome usability features.

For example, the new Twitter website can be pinned to your computer’s dock (Mac) or taskbar (Windows) like any other app. This is perfect for Twitter fanatics that want easy access to their timeline. But the new design isn’t all aesthetics. Let’s take a look at some of the new design’s features!

There’s a new ‘night mode’ and a special data-saving mode too

As discussed earlier, the redesigned Twitter dashboard also adds two new modes: night and data saving modes. Here’s a quick look at what these modes do.

Dark mode is great for night owls

Night mode is very similar to macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode. It turns all white design elements black, making it easier on the eyes when browsing Twitter at night. Other than that though, the rest of the Twitter experience stays the same.

Data saver mode is great for those with limited data or slow connections

On the other hand, ‘data saver’ mode makes Twitter easier to use for those with limited data or slow connections. When data saver mode is enabled, images aren’t automatically loaded. Instead, a low-quality, blurred image is shown. A large Load image button is displayed over the image alongside a button that shows how large the image is.

You can click on the load image button to load the full-sized image, or keep scrolling if it’s not of interest. We’re happy to see Twitter add this feature to the desktop site. This makes the network more accessible to users worldwide, especially in areas where broadband internet speeds aren’t readily available.

Bookmarks make it easy to save your favorite content

Twitter also brought Bookmarks to the web with the redesign. Think of Bookmarks as a private way to favorite tweets. When you favorite a tweet, it adds the tweet to a public-facing list of your favorite tweets that you may want to refer back to later.

And since the favorite button is shaped like a heart, the button indicates that you like or supports the content, even though that’s not always the case. This especially rings true for news stories and other tweets of political nature.

That’s why Twitter introduced a nifty Bookmarks feature on its mobile app earlier this year. Using Bookmarks, you can privately save tweets and view them in a separate bookmarks menu. This is useful for saving news stories, memes, and videos you may want to check out later without telling your followers.

Twitter is finally bringing bookmarks to the web with the redesign. According to people testing the redesign, bookmarks sync between the mobile app and the Twitter website and largely works the same.

Explore comes to the web

But Bookmarks isn’t the only feature making its way from mobile to the web: Explore is coming to the web too! We haven’t seen this feature in action yet, but we’re assuming that Explore will work and look similar to the Android and iOS app.

Currently, Twitter takes a best-guess at your interests based on your tweets, favorited content, and other Twitter activity. Then, it curates a list of tweets related to your interests in the Explore tab on mobile, broken down by interest.

New tweet embed features

In less exciting news, Twitter also added a couple new features to the tweet embed screen. You can now embed tweets in light or dark mode and change the default link color. Even cooler, you can embed tweets in a language of your choice.

You won’t see the design for a while

So, when do you get the redesign? Unfortunately, you’ll have to be patient. Twitter has stated that only a “small number” of users are already able to opt-in to the new design, but a majority of users are still stuck on the classic design until further notice.

Additionally, there’s no way to request access to the new Twitter design at this time. Stay tuned though: we’ll let you know when the updated design is rolled out worldwide or otherwise opened to more users.

What do you think?

As you can see, Twitter’s layout changes are a huge step in the right direction. We believe that these changes will make Twitter more appealing to new users and continue to help reverse years of Twitter decline. We want to hear your thoughts too. Are you as thrilled as we are, or do you think Twitter still has a ways to go to catch up with the likes of Facebook and Instagram?

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What Security Companies Can Learn From Donald Trump

Becoming somebody on Twitter is a worthwhile goal, especially for brands. Love him or hate him (there doesn’t seem to be a happy medium), Donald Trump used his personal brand very effectively during his presidential campaign.

Some of the world’s largest corporations have entire departments devoted to social media, and those departments place a special focus on Twitter. What do they do to achieve top Twitter stature? Here are three key steps these brands take when they get started:

Engaging their audiences

Engaging Twitter followers is undoubtedly the best way to get interaction: mentions, replies, retweets and favorites (favorite is akin to the Facebook “like” button). Plus, engaging helps you rake in more followers since any content of yours that is replied to or retweeted will get the attention of people in others’ networks. How to engage people on Twitter is easier than it seems; just ask questions that inspire people to answer and provoke comments with your smart/funny/clever/mildly controversial or all of the above tweets. When applied consistently, it really works.

Taking ownership

That means no buying Twitter followers; go out there and get them on your own merits. That means no auto-responding; compose “thanks for the follow” messages that sound personal (or hire a great firm to do it for you). And finally, it means no impersonal tweets; write things that matter to you and your audience, even if you’re just sharing a link. People care about authenticity these days, even on social media (in a time when many are experiencing social media fatigue, a personalized tweet is like a drink of cold water).

Craft your network strategically

If you’re starting from scratch and are finding yourself desperate for “anyone” to follow you, don’t sweat it. Everyone begins their Twitter experience with an onslaught of annoying spam followers, all of whom should be promptly blocked. Who is a spam follower? Anyone with adult entertainment lingo on their Twitter profile is a good example. Just block those people (most of them are hacked profiles) and move on. Next, start amassing a network by following others. These should not be random users; these must be users who clearly share the interests of your brand or are likely to be consumers of your brand. This is what we mean by “crafting” your network; you’re selecting who to follow, carefully and strategically.

These are just a few of the steps that the most successful Twitter presences take when they get started. Use them as a jumping-off point on your brand’s journey to Twitter success.

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10 Ways Security Businesses Can Get More Love on Twitter

Does the idea of getting followers on Twitter overwhelm you? When you’re starting from scratch without any followers, it can seem like an uphill climb to social media success. But while building a Twitter following takes time, there are lots of ways for businesses to get more followers on Twitter:

Enable social sharing on your website.

Add social sharing buttons to your blog and regular website pages, so that visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are even services like Tweetmeme that allow you to add RT@YourUserName to the end of each tweet shared from your site; that’s a great tool to help you get more followers.

Share content that’s share-worthy.

By sharing high-quality content on Twitter that is interesting to the people you’re trying to attract, you’re more likely to get followers than if you simply make your Twitter all about promoting your business. Building a Twitter following is like a building a field of dreams. If you share it, they will come.

Ask your real friends to follow.

If you ask family and real-life friends to follow your business’s Twitter page, it will increase your follower count and make a better impression on the potential followers you want. Don’t forget about your employees; they have a vested interest in the success of your business, so ask them to follow as well.

Invite the people you want to follow you.

Your partners, vendors, clients and customers are all potential followers on Twitter. Send them a friendly invite via email to follow you. Make it as friendly and personalized as possible, while still remaining professional. And thank them in advance for following!

Pro Tip: People will follow those who are like-minded, and hashtags denote like-mindedness on Twitter. Just make sure the hashtags you use are representative of the impression you want others to have of your business.

Put a link in your email signature.

Adding links to your company’s Twitter page in your email signature is great for building a Twitter following. You can also create a signature template that includes these links for your employees and other colleagues in your business.

Link to Twitter in blog comments.

When you make a comment on another person or company’s blog post, make your username a hyperlink to your company’s Twitter page (rather than a link to your blog) until you get the minimum number of followers you want.

Cross promote on your other social media profiles.

Link to your Twitter profile on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and your YouTube channel. This works when applied diligently.

Make the most of your contact page.

Tap into your contact page’s true potential by linking to your Twitter profile on it. Remember: Social media is visible, so if customers reach out to you on Twitter rather than email, others will see it and may be inclined to follow.

Put your Twitter handle on business cards.

Yes, hand-held business cards still matter; they just need to be updated for the new media age. Do this by including your Twitter handle (your @___ address) on your business cards, and hand them out with newfound enthusiasm. It’s so crazy, it just may work.

Engage with others on Twitter.

Sometimes, getting more Twitter followers is as simple as engaging others on the platform. Talk to the people you want to follow you, and follow them back (the #FF or “Follow Fridays” trend is a great excuse to reach out to others in an unthreatening way because others are doing it too). While we’re on the subject of hashtags, businesses can use them. People will follow those who are like-minded, and hashtags denote like-mindedness on Twitter. Just make sure the hashtags you use are representative of the impression you want others to have of your business.

These are just some of the ways to get more followers on Twitter. Businesses can try them all, and then stick with the ones that work best for them once they establish a Twitter following they are happy with.

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Ignite Security Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in marketing and salesforce automation for the security industry. Since 2008, we have been the marketing partner of choice for SDM 100 corporations and SMB’s around the nation.