Who Is Your Director Of First Impressions?

Russ Ackerman

Russ is the President of Proven Sales Strategies and a best selling author of the book, "Security Systems Sales Leadership: Practical & Proven Techniques That Will Unlock Your Teams Potential". Russ has enjoyed many successful years of training sales managers and sales consultants for some of the largest alarm companies in the industry.
Russ Ackerman

You only get one shot at making a first impression.

I am totally bewildered why companies that are supposed to be “sales” organizations do not understand the value of the very first interaction they are likely to have with their prospects.  When a prospective buyer calls your office what is the first thing they are going to hear on that phone call?  If you understand just the basic fundamentals of sales, you know that the first few seconds of that first interaction between your prospect and your company is very important.

I recently called an alarm company to speak with the sales manager…

The recorded message was so negative that I if I had been a prospective customer I would have probably hung up then and there.
This is what the message said;

“Thanks for calling XYZ Security Company.  If you are experiencing a false alarm please touch #1. If you need service on your existing alarm system please touch #2. if you have a billing question please touch #3, If you would like to speak with someone in sales please touch #4.  Please stay on the line if you need an operator to assist you.”

My First Impression? Not Good.

As I listened to the message I was thinking; “Good grief, their customers must have a lot of problems with either false alarms, problems with their alarm systems not working correctly, or billing issues.”

I wish I could report to you that this is an unusual event but I see more and more companies replacing their smiling receptionist with a voice mail system. These companies are spending a ton of money in advertising on the internet, yard signs and trucks and when a prospect finally does call in, all they hear about are negative issues.  Is that really the first impression you are hoping to make with your prospective customer?  I think not.

Your receptionist is your Director of First Impressions.  I highly suggest that you have someone greet your new prospect on the telephone with a cheerful smile and a short sweet positive message.

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